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STEP Up for Applied Calculus:
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2014   2012

Research Symposium

University of South Florida
Marshall Student Center
October 26, 2012

Past Posters

Participant Poster Title
Tuliagenda Beckford Sizing of an Ammonia Discharge Tank
Melissa Butcher Modeling Solar Insolation Using Integration
Ahmad Chehab Stormwater Management System Drawdown
Paige Cooke High Jump Analysis
Martin Copello Voltage Smoothing with a Capacitor
Kaitlin Deutsch The Elevation to Area Relationship of Lake Behnke
Daniel Fernandes 2009 Ford Mustang Performance Test
Shaza Hussein Predator-Prey Modeling: Utilizing the Euler Method to Predict Populations Dynamics
Kelbe Jahnke Dosimetry Calculations of Radiopharmaceuticals
Seung-eun Jang Telomerase, Cancer, and Aging
Herby Jean Utilization of Calculus in Light Attenuation
Michael Katzen Analyzing Ideal Blood Glucose and Insulin Levels
Samuel Lee Study of Consciousness
Trang Luong US Oil Reserves and Peak Oil
Shane Maxemow Two Dimensional Cantilever Beam Analysis: Efficiency Comparison of Elasticity, Mechanics of Materials, and Finite Elements Analysis
Michael Miller Maximum Power From A Solar Panel
Bo Moon The Subset Sum Problem: Reducing Time Complexity of NP-Completeness with Quantum Search
Christofer Neff A Simplified Model of the Internal Combustion Engine
Katrina Stine Optimal Operation of a Concentrator
Kyle Stottlemyer Comparison of First Gear Performance for Manual and Automatic Transmissions
Benjamin Taylor Effectiveness of Spays and Neuters on Cat Populations
Yaping Tu Nerve Cell Deterioration Associated with Alzheimer's Disease
Veronica Valencia Diffusion of Vitamin B12 Across a Mesoporous Metal Organic
Kiel von Lindenberg Comparative Analysis of GPS Data